Home-grown independent films


                  Interference – 2014   86min, UK

                  A handmade, organic,  100% Independent film.

After returning home from a Goddess Empowerment Weekend, Pippa Cotton (Liz Finch) invents a new psychotherapy ‘Fun Therapy’ much to the surprise of her estranged husband Piers and her recently traumatised daughter, Chloe. Meanwhile in the Sussex fields surrounding their house, Tom (Len Shelley), a simpleton bird watcher, watches the ‘family’ through binoculars. Piers avoids his wife by experimenting with radio astronomy, which brings surprising results as he surfs the airwaves. What follows is a tale of looking for answers in the wrong places and secrets that should never be heard.

CAST: Liz Finch, Chris Milton, Len Shelley, Ben Gibson, Claudia Barton

CREW: Director: Nick Pilton, DOP: Sara Deane, Sound: Ashley Summers, Mark Lord, Editor: David Trevail, Score: Lucy Claire-Thornton, Visual Effects: Alasdair Beckett-King

“A masterclass in sublime comedy; Pilton takes his characters to the edge of dark absurdity but they never lose their humanity”

Erich Shultz, Founder, London Independent Film Festival

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Further info & press email: info@nuthatchfilms.co.uk

‘Interference’ took five years to make from conception to final edit. It is truly an independent film in every sense of the word, literally made out of thin air. The motivation for making it came from the success of its predecessor ‘Reservations’ an ultra low budget hour-long experimental film. Interference is the second in a series using the same group of visual artists and creatives as actors.

Reservations – 2009

Reservations follows five hotel guests with one thing in common, they are all alone. This sometime dark but heartfelt drama set within the sumptuous backdrop of past grandeur really treats the viewer with an insight into lives and minds of these seemingly pedestrian characters as their lives shift in surprising ways. Winner of Best ‘NO Budget’ Feature Film – London & Toronto Independent Film Festivals